Project: Vodafone Call Centre, Hobart
System: 100Tbar 
Architects: BYA  Electrical Engineers: JMG

Addressing the desire of their customers to speak to someone in Australia rather than overseas, the new Vodafone call centre in Hobart has been established as one of the most advanced contact centres in Australia. A flagship for the brand, the whole environment has been cleverly designed with the staff at the core focus.

The spaces have been specifically created to lift staff morale, increase involvement and enhance their engagement. In essence, they have created a space where people don’t just come to work because they have to, but rather because they want to. Built over 3 levels, it features a games area with ping pong tables, Xbox and Wii game consoles, and basketball hoops and instead of taking the stairs down to the next level, employees can jump down one of the spiral tube slides illuminated by Klik Systems 65 Recessed. The fitout also includes meeting pods and ‘energise’ zones where workers can relax and refuel.