Whyalla Jetty

Project: Whyalla Jetty, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
System: LEDpod 50

Whyalla Jetty, located on the Eyre Peninsula on the coast of South Australia, features bespoke lighting installed in the balustrade that runs the entire circumference and length of the jetty.

After the previous 122m long jetty was destroyed by fire, the jetty was rebuilt and extended by Maritime Constructions. Driven in part by the local community, the new jetty’s design features a unique circular shape, a loop, that is made all the more impressive at night by the installation of KLIK Systems’ LEDpod. The LEDpod 50 was recessed into the handrail at 500mm intervals to achieve light uniformity. 

The patented LEDpod system is a versatile light pod, ideal for cylindrical, curved or square handrails. Retaining clasps and snap fit installation ensures easy mounting. LEDpod’s most enticing feature, however, is its option of symmetric or asymmetric light distribution. Designed to throw light where needed, it negates the need to tilt the handrail, eliminating unwanted glare.

The Whyalla project is a spectacular example of lighting design that elevates a designers concept, whilst providing practical and safe illumination for the end user. As night falls, the Whyalla Jetty is enveloped in a warm glow – its futuristic loop now a showpiece of the Whyalla foreshore.