Is the bluish discolouration in the skin, which indicates that oxygen levels in the blood are dangerously depleted. Visual observation of the onset of cyanosis may be critical to a patient’s well being. KLIKsystems architectural LED lighting is now available with a fully NATA certified cyanosis observation index lamp unit. For use in hospitals, casuality departments, medical centres and laboratories.

Both linear LED and downlight can be dimmed from 0 - 100%

KLIKsystems fixture options
  PC3 Laboratory Compliant     PC4 Laboratory Compliant  
  IP55 & IP65 ratings     Anti-vandal resistance

LED LINEAR features
  NATA Tested Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) of 0.94  
  Lumen packages from 200 to 4400 Lumens per metre   
  Fits most KLIK system profiles     Dimmable     4000K

  Low glare housing     Lumen packages from 650 to 1800 lamp lumens output  
  Fits many KLIK system profiles     Ceiling mount available     Dimmable