Brooke Street Pier

Project: Brooke Street Pier, Hobart, TAS
Architect: Circa Morris-Nunn | Lighting Design: PointOfView Lighting Design

The Brooke St Pier is a unique piece of floating architecture that is designed to rise and fall with the tide. Set in an iconic part of Hobarts waterfront, the structure is both a working cruise and ferry terminal as well as a multi-function space. The building itself was constructed further up the Derwent river and then floated down on a king tide to its new home at Franklin Wharf.

One of the ingenious concepts of the design can be seen in the material used for the upper shell of the structure. Made from a translucent skin, the material allows for daylight penetration, creating a passively heated indoor environment whilst reducing the overall weight of the structure to ensure its ability to float.

It was this shell that provided the inspiration for lighting designers Point of View Melbourne. Klik Systems Ledstream Focus runs along the full length of the interior floor and ceilings, washing along the translucent surfaces to create an effect not unlike a glowing canvas tent. This produces a unique visual beacon that glows beautifully in the majestic setting of Hobarts waterfront precinct.

The effect also delivers useable light back into the interior space which is further supplemented by long, continuous runs of 65Beam. These continuous lit elements provide a strong visual connection that helps reinforce the strong lines of the buildings architecture. In the forecourt area, Klik Systems Ledpod was also utilized to deliver warm, even illumination that ensures safe access to the Pier, whilst utilising the hand rail and removing the need for adding extra clutter to the public space.