Carrum Foreshore

Project: Carrum Foreshore, VIC | System: Ledpod40

The award winning LEDPOD was recently used in the redevelopment of the Carrum Foreshore Precinct. Initiated by Kingston City Council the main goal of the Carrum Foreshore renovation was to enhance the area for families, allowing greater accessibility for water sports while keeping the area safe. Safety through lighting was considered a vital component, and the award winning LEDPOD was chosen to illuminate the new boardwalks.

The ingenious ‘snap-in’ LEDPOD is designed for handrails of any size, and focuses light downwards for a glare free lighting solution. Precision optics insures no light pollution ruins natural environments and the fixture comes in a variety of different beam configurations and optics in both symmetrical and asymmetrical distributions. The LEDPOD is mounted on a thermally efficient heat sink, which offers excellent heat dissipation.

The overall look and feel of the project was a success. The LEDPOD was able to illuminate the boardwalks in a safe and subtle manner without disturbing the foreshores natural beauty.