Canberra Airport

Project: Canberra Airport , ACT

Between 2009 – 2013, Canberra Airport invested a total of $480 million on redevelopment of the terminal. The project being given the name ‘AirVolution’. 

The redevelopment included upgrades to adding 5 new car parks, a new two-level road system, tripling in check-in counters to 44 and new retail, food and beverage outlets.

Lighting Design Partnership designed the lighting, and Rudds Consulting Engineers handled the electrical and mechanical design services, back-up power and trigeneration. The brief was to provide comfortable and efficient space lighting throughout.

The design called for a number of custom-made “beam” type luminaires with varying features, looks and options with saving energy listed as a main priority. This was supplemented by intelligent DALI control systems, which minimise lighting power usage via sensors, time schedules and automatic daylight dimming along with the use of LED lights through some of the light fittings.

Canberra Airport Atrium - Airwing

The Canberra Airport Atrium is the light-filled centrepiece at the heart of the terminal building, it accommodates the main entry and security functions. For this dynamic and central location we had the challenge of  providing up-light, down-light and task-light as well as speakers and security cameras. 

The customised,suspended Airwing accommodates the required services and perfectly compliments and highlights this important space in the Airport environment.  

We worked closely with KLIK to design the fitting and we and the Client are delighted with the result.  KLIK are to be congratulated on bringing their extensive expertise and can-do professionalism to the project to achieve this impressive fitting.

Rob McLachlan
Guida Moseley Brown Architects